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General open pit/quarry inspection

This app was created for small mines, quarries and other extractive industries to help identify workplace hazards in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Using a checklist helps provide a consistent workplace inspection process and documentation that proper protocol is being followed at all times. This checklist can be customized to accommodate the needs of a specific work site. Conduct the safety inspection at regular intervals - high-risk areas require more frequent assessment - to ensure the lowest risk of injuries to staff and damage to company property.

General open pit/quarry inspection iPhone, iPad General open pit/quarry inspection Android General open pit/quarry inspection Web, Desktop
General open pit/quarry inspection

Mine being inspected

Date of inspection

Persons inspecting

Access road

Road condition

Wide enough for vehicles

Adequate passing areas

Graded surface, no spillage, pot holes

Camber 2-3%


Access to site adequately sign posted

Mining/open pit hazard identified

Speed limits

Comments on access road

Roads, ramps, dumps

Go line

Graded and free of obstructions

Vehicles parked at safe distance apart


Axle height of the largest tyred vehicle

Sufficiently wide enough to stop vehicle

Delineators clearly visible and reflectors clean


Adequate width, passing areas

Well graded and free of spillage and pot holes

Free of standing water

No signs of cracking or collapse of edges

Dust suppression

No oil/diesel spillage

Traffic movement in accordance to procedures

Less than 10:1 gradient

Comments on roads, ramps, and dumps

Drill and blast


Access restricted with signs, windrow or cones

Windrows in place around the face

No unauthorised vehicles or personnel

Pattern marked

Dust control for drill rig

Drill rig orientation to face

Comments on drill and blast

Open pit


To designed angle

Scaled down

No cracks or overhangs

No loose material/fretting

Water seepage

Access ramp away from working face


Adequate width ratio to wall height

Stable surface, no cracks

Drainage adequate

Pit surrounds

Drainage away from pit

Windrows adequate size (eg 2m high x 1.3m base)

No environmental damage

Comments on open pit