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Pipeline Coating Inspection Checklist

Regular pipeline coating inspections are critical in any pipeline corrosion-control program. Take control of quality assurance by inspecting all aspects of your pipeline system such as the injection points, tube fittings, pipeline support system, and more. Use this checklist to assess the conditions of your pipeline system, record the inspection location, and photograph details of corrosions, leakages, and distortions. This app is customizable and can be used in environments with or without internet signal.

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Pipeline Coating Inspection Checklist


Circuit Unique ID Number

Piping Line Number/Name

Date of Inspection

Piping System Name


Work Order Number

Pipe Specification #

Pipe Specification Number

Inspector Name

Employee Number

Inspection Location

Field Identification

Is piping labeled/tagged w/Equipment ID#?

Is pipeline adequately identified?

Are labels/tags readable?

Do labels/tags need replacing?


Any leaks from the process?

Any leaks from steam tracing?

Are any valves leaking?

Any leaks at leak repair clamps?

Any evidence of past leaks?

Leakage Photos

Pipe Support

Any shoes off their supports?

Any hangers missing or damaged?

Any spring hangers bottomed-out?

Any problems with support braces?

*Any corrosion of supports?

Any loose or broken brackets?

Pipe Support Photos


Any significant vibration observed?

Any evidence of excessive movement?

Any pipe distortion observed?

Vibration Photos


Any physical damage or penetration?

Any deterioration/damage of weather seals?

Any bulging or wet insulation?

Any discoloration indicating leakage?

Any retaining bands missing/broken?

Any missing jackets, plugs, or insulation?


Any corrosion at support points or fixtures?

Any coating or paint deterioration?

Any areas with scale, pits, or rust?

Any corrosion between flanges?

Any significant corrosion of flange bolts?

Corrosion Photos


Were any deficiencies identified?

Is Owner follow-up required to address issues that are concerns, but not deficiencies?

Deficiencies and Issues of Concern have been Communicated to Equipment Owner or Delegate

Deficiency Categories