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Plot Sampling App

As vegetation composition is a primary indicator of the health of a wildlife habitat, it is important to conduct plot sampling to assess the current state and determine the future potential for productivity in a plant community. Use this mobile app to investigate species diversity and composition in a plot sample to make abundance estimation of the larger survey area. Create an inventory of both dominant and invasive plant species to monitor the health, density, distribution, and richness of the site. Use the GPS feature to accurately track your site location and the photo feature to capture visual observations. This form is 100% customizable to suit your monitoring guidelines and will work with or without an internet connection.

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Plot Sampling App


Site name

Site location




Monitoring year

Plot sampling results


List all herbs and their mean percentage area coverage

List dominant herbs

Photos of herbs


List all shrubs, their percentage cover, number of stems, and average height

List dominant shrubs

Photos of shrubs


Record all individual saplings, their DBH, and height

Record total basal area and number of stems for saplings by species

List dominant saplings

Photos of saplings


Record all individual trees, their DBH, and height

Record total basal area and number of stems, and average height for trees by species

List dominant trees

Photos of trees

Woody vines

List all woody vines and their number per plot

List dominant woody vines

Photos of woody vines

Other observations

Plants with flowers or fruits

Plants showing signs of stress

Additional comments

Photos of other observations