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Variable-Speed Pool Pump Calibration Report

Variable speed pool pumps are more energy efficient than traditional pumps and should be serviced only by properly trained technicians. This report was created for pool construction, repair, and improvement professionals to ensure the pump is in optimal condition and functioning properly. It will also help your pool contracting business keep records of service calls and document any problems with the pump. The app works with or without an internet signal and can be modified to suit your company’s needs.

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Variable-Speed Pool Pump Calibration Report

Customer Information

Residential Account Number

Customer Email

Residential Customer Name

Service Address

Phone number(s)

Pool Contracting Company Information

Company Name

Company Email

Service Technician Name

Company Address

Company phone

Technician Phone

Pump Calibration Information

Pool Size (Gallons)

Type of Cleaning System

Pump Serial Number

Pump Manufacturer

Pump Model Number


Does the pool have a heating system?

Does the new pump include an automatic controller?

If not, did you inform the pool owner about the need for an automatic controller?

Is this a new build?

Settings Before Calibration (Not Applicable for New Builds)

Primary Purpose (PP) - filtration


PP Volts

PP Flow Rate (GPM)

PP Amps

PP Hours/Day

PP Watts

PP Vacuum (Hg)

PP Pressure (psi)

PP Total Dynamic Head

Settings After Calibration

Secondary Purpose (SP) - e.g. negative edge, waterfall


SP Volts

SP Flow Rate (GPM)

SP Amps

SP Hours/Day

SP Watts

SP Vacuum (Hg)

SP Pressure (psi)

SP Total Dynamic Head

Calibration Comments

Service Technician Signature

Technician Date Signed

Customer Signature

Customer Date Signed