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Power Pole Inspection Form

Regular power pole inspections are required for an accurate and consistent assessment of the power pole conditions. Use the Power Pole Inspection Form to document everything from pole type to whether the pole has multiple aerial cables attached. Identify visual defects such as external decay and considering drilling for further internal inspections. Plan and analyze remedial treatments to prolong pole life and save long-term costs of repair. Customize this form to accommodate additional inspection requirements specific to your power pole network. This mobile inspection form works in both on and offline environments.

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Power Pole Inspection Form

Pole Owner

Pole visual inspection for Provisioning services

Pole type

Vierendeel pole?

Pole Tagged?

Special Purpose Pole?


Assessment for Provisioning services

Does the pole support electrical conductors crossing elevated motorways, overpasses or navigable waterways?

Does the pole support electrical conductors crossing limited access motorways, overpasses, waterways or railways?

Is the pole located inside boundary on a ROW, shared driveway, long driveway or any private land?

Is the pole, a double or H-frame pole, supporting transformers, switches (air break switch) or supporting spans longer than 100m?

Is there/will there be Chorus UFB/NGA connection from the top to bottom of the pole?

Does the pole have multiple aerial cables attached ?

Does the pole have an 11kV or higher electricity underground cable riser attached to the pole or does it have electricity earthing conductors installed?


Will testing beyond normal standards (hammer, probe or visual inspection) be required?


PhotosPhoto of pole showing pole ID

Photo showing the full pole including the top of the pole

Photo of full aerial fibre route annotating the ownership of each pole

Location details

Pole ID