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Property Inspection App

The Property Inspection app is a general app that allows the user to assess the aesthetics, functionality, and physical integrity of a home and its property. Through a series of questions, the app can guide the user to main inspection points in and around a home. The user can also take pictures of the property or of any areas that require special attention. This app is fully customizable to fit you specific inspection needs, and works offline in case of low / no signal.

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Property Inspection App

Property Information

Property Address

Case Number

Real Estate Asset Manager (REAM)

Date of Inspection

Exterior Inspection

Is the Property Occupied?

Is the lawn cut?

Is the yard free of debris?

How is the condition of the roof?

Roof Issues

Are the appropriate signs posted?

Are all exterior doors secure?

Is the appropriate lock box being used to allow access to the property?

If there is a garage, is it secured?

Are the windows boarded?

Are all windows secured?

Any there any problems/hazards in the yard or with the exterior of the property?

Problems/hazards in the yard or with the exterior of the property

If there is a pool or spa, is it covered and are all gates secure?

How is the condition of the exterior paint?

Any major cracks in foundation or exterior walls?

What is the condition of the general exterior?

Is the interior broom-clean and free of debris?

Exterior Photos

Interior Inspection

Condition of the Kitchen and Bathrooms?

Is the heating/cooling system on?

Is the water on?

Is the electricity on?

Is the heating/cooling system in good working condition?

How is the condition of the plumbing?

Is the electrical system in good working condition?

Any evidence of roof leaks or damage caused by leakage?

Any evidence of flooding/water damage?

Any major structural damage?

Any vandalism?

Are emergency or preventive maintenance repairs needed?

Emergency/Preventative maintenance repairs

Any defective interior paint?

How is the condition of the interior paint?

Is REAM or a representative making regular inspections?

Check items present

Inspection type

Interior Photos