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Property Preservation

Use this app to ensure your field team is keeping perfect records of each property. Use this app to collect all the information needed around securing the property, the initial preservation, and monitor the status of ongoing maintenance. Give the ability to your field staff to use their smartphones and abandon the paperwork clutter. Generate PDF reports immediately for insurance and legal purposes. For use by Non FHA, FHA Presale, FHA Post-sale, Insp-FDIC/Prescient/PCR, OCC Inspection.

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Property Preservation


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All exterior door locks are to be rekeyed to the Kwikset code on service order.

Secure the interior garage door leading from the home to the attached garage.

Overhead garage doors are secured?

Garage doors secured with padlock and/or chain.

All exterior buildings secured with padlocks.

The lockbox is coded per your service order and hung on or near front door.

Pools are secured at gates and/or screen doors.

Perimeter fence gates are secured with padlocks.

Sliding doors are properly secured with a charley bar or wooden dow.

Closets housing water heaters secured with padlock.

Are any doors boarded or screwed shut.

Which Windows or Doors?





Cabinets and pantry are emptied and cleaned.

Counter tops are cleaned and wiped.

Sinks and faucets are cleaned.

The refrigerator is cleaned inside and out.

The range and oven are cleaned. The Vent-A-Hood is cleaned.

The dishwasher is emptied and cleaned.

Air freshener is placed in the kitchen.

Trash compactor emptied and cleaned.

Microwave cleaned and wiped out.



Cabinets/medicine cabinets/closets/ drawers are emptied and cleaned.

Countertops/vanity tops and mirrors are cleaned.

The tubs, showers, sinks, faucets and toilets are cleaned.



Lawn edged including walkways/driveways/foundations.

All debris is removed and is properly disposed.

The lawn is cut, trimmed raked and edged.

Weeds/tall grass trimmed from fence lines & foundations

Weeds/tall grass trimmed around sheds/outbuildings/porches/decks/patios.

Shrubs and ornamental trees are trimmed to below window height and 8" minimum from house.

All excess trimmings removed from property.

Walkways are swept.

Property line shrubs are trimmed.

Vines are removed from fences/garage and the house.

Dead plants or shrubs are removed.

Christmas lights are removed.

Swing sets that do not bring value to the property are removed.

Doghouses are removed.

Garages, patios, and outbuildings are cleaned and swept and free of cobwebs

Vehicles towed.

Clotheslines and posts are removed.

Exterior trash cans emptied.

All exterior doors cleaned and wiped down – free of cobwebs.

The front door (or primary entrance) should be clean and free from stains, cobwebs and atmospheric wear.

All debris removed from crawl spaces, sheds, out-buildings.

All debris removed from porches, decks. And flower beds.

All exterior windows washed.



If the property has a pool with a screen enclosure, ensure that all screens are intact and free from tears or debris.

Pool color normal.

Pool equipment running daily.


End Time

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