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Rig Inspection Checklist

Safety is vitally important on rigs. This app helps keep the operational integrity of land rigs compliant with regulations and standards. It is only a sample of what can be done. It helps identify dangers before they can cause serious damage. Keep records, photos and signatures of approval in one location in a connected or disconnected environment. This rig inspection checklist form can be customized to suit your rigs requirements and regulations on oil and gas rigs, workover rigs, drilling equipment checklists, and other inspection services.

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Rig Inspection Checklist

Rig Information

Rig Name

Date Completed



Contraband Policy

Are logs kept on all rig team members who are taking prescription drugs and kept on file?

Rig Orientation

Are the Rig Managers meeting with every new rig team member upon arrival on rig site?

Are Rig Orientation check lists being filled out?

Personal Emergency Contact Information Sheet

Are written Short Service Employees (SSE) orientation/mentor checklists on file?

Safety Meetings

Are pre tour (daily) safety meetings being performed according to the procedure in the Safety Manual?

Are pre tour (daily) safety meeting forms being filed by Driller in hard leaf binder ?


Are written J.S.A.'s being performed before each job task?

Are written J.S.A.'s forms being completed and filed by Driller in hard leaf binder?

Injury or Illness Procedure

Are injury or illness reports being filled out legibly, properly and completely according to the procedures in the Safety Manual.

Is the Third Party Incident report being filled out and forwarded to divisional office for review?

Incident Evaluation

Are all incidents being reported; documented on the correct forms and sent to the HSE Department?

Rig Inspection Procedures

Are copies of the last rig inspection available at rig site? Have discrepancies been evaluated and corrected?

Are written weekly Rig Inspections being completed?

Sala Block

Is the 135' Sala Block in good working condition?

Are both of the 30' Sala Blocks in good working condition?

Is Derrick climber assist in good working condition?

Is the 16' Talon in good working condition?

Work Permits

Is Work Permit form being utilized in accordance with Safety Manual.

Is a portable gas monitor available on location?

Are calibrations records being maintained at rig site?

Fire Prevention and Control

Are fire extinguishers located in accordance with the rig Fire Extinguisher Location Plan?

Tags: Are fire extinguishers being inspected monthly, annually and properly tagged?

Files: Is the monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection form being properly filed?

Forklift Vehicles

Are personnel who operate the forklift trained and qualified?

Is the forklift inspection being performed at the beginning of each tour and kept on file?

Blowout Prevention and Control

Are duties of each rig team member for well control drills posted?

Are Well Control Training certificates current and posted in Toolpusher quarters?

Hazardous Communication Plan/Employee Right to Know

Is a list of all chemicals being used on the current job kept on file and made available to all employees?

Does each employee know where the MSDS is located?

Safety Observation Program

Has the S.O.C. Program been implemented on this rig?

Have all supervisors been trained in the S.O.C. Program?

Have all rig team members been trained in the S.O.C. program by supervisors?

Are S.O.C. cards being filled out properly?

Toolpusher Quarters

Is housekeeping adequate?

Are there two means of escape?

Is a First Aid Kit available onsite?

Is electrical system in good condition?

Are 5 visitors Hard Hats available?

Is a fire extinguisher properly maintained and located?

Is First Aid station sign in from of Toolpushers trailer?

Is Toolpusher Trailer properly grounded?

Are smoke detectors working properly?

Are AC vents clean and filters changed as needed?

Is eyewash station complete with correct solution, bottles unopened and valid expiration date? 2 bottles needed.