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Route Assessment Checklist App

Ensure school bus safety by performing regular evaluations on the public school bus routes. Use this Route Assessment Checklist app to identify any poor visibility issues, frequent light infractions, insufficient loading space, obstacles, difficult left-hand turns along the daily school bus route. Leverage the photo and video recording and GPS location features to gather accurate and up-to-date evidence of problematic route segments. This form is 100% customizable to suit your specific assessment needs and works in both on and offline environments.

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Route Assessment Checklist App

School Authority


Route being assessed

School Year

Assessment conducted by


Summarize findings



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Are there poor sight lines or visibility problems on this route or at any stop locations?

Are there any primary or secondary highway stops of concern on this route?

Are there any drop off or pick up locations including school sites that have insufficient space for Yes No the safe loading and unloading of passengers?

Are there any turnarounds that are a concern or unsafe as defined in the S Endorsement manual?

Are there any roadway crossings such as controlled or uncontrolled intersections, merge lanes, Yes No railroad/commuter train crossings that are a concern on this route?

Are there any roadways on this route where the road structure, width or height is inadequate Yes No for the safe passage of the bus?

Are there any non-weather related variable risks on this route?

Are there any weather related variable risks on this route?

Does your school authority have an inclement weather / bus cancellation policy?

Are you familiar with it?

Does it allow bus operators to make route adjustments to address any weather related Yes No safety issues while on route?

Do you have any other safety concerns regarding this route?