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Sailboat Briefing Checklist

Go through this sailboat briefing checklist before setting sail. Make sure you’re not caught off guard without a necessary item once you’ve set sail. Ensure your deck equipment, safety supplies, emergency equipment, and below-deck supplies are on board and in good condition before leaving the dock. For charter owners, this list can be deployed across your entire fleet of boats and staff to ensure that every customer has the best experience. Records are stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere.

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Sailboat Briefing Checklist


Check weather report and tides/currents

File a float plan with someone you know. Tell them where youʼre going and when you intend to return (and what to do if you don’t).

Identify non-swimmers

Identify second-in-command in case of skipperʼs incapacitation

Acquaint crew with the location and operation of Coast Guard required safety items if fitted:

Identify incremental recommended gear if fitted:

Demonstrate engine shutdown technique

Check bilges and pump dry if water is present

Before engine is started

Once engine is started

Upon leaving the harbor, store a “go home” waypoint on the GPS

While on the water

Drink responsibly—especially if you are the skipper!

Be weather aware

Know the location of the nearest harbor or protected anchorage

Monitor fuel consumption and remaining range

Monitor VHF radio Channel 16 for emergency traffic

Know the waters in which you are navigating

When you return to the dock

Moor boat correctly with bow, stern, spring lines and fenders

Pump holding tank. Add holding tank treatment

Always-on loads (automatic bilge pump, alarms, clocks) are on

Non-essential loads (running lights, VHF, stereo, etc.) are off

Shore power cable is connected and protected from chafe

Logbook has been filled out, signed, and dated

Close float plan by calling person whom you originally contacted.