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Secret Shopper Survey

With our Secret Shopper survey app, you can take photos, videos, scan barcodes, and make notes of your shopping trip quickly and easily, without using paper forms or cameras. Document prices, bottlenecks, and customer service issues, and sync them to the cloud for rapid analysis by management. This Secret Shopper app works online or offline, in case of no internet signal. And with cloud storage, all your store audits and missions are saved to the cloud in case your phone is confiscated or lost. This app can be easily customized to fit your current forms and data collection needs. Get better intel on your stores and competitors with our Secret Shopper app today!

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Secret Shopper Survey

Store Information

Store Name


Date of Visit

Time of Visit

Name of Clerk

Store Appearance

Outside Cleanliness

Inside Cleanliness

Store Organization

Overall Appearance

Store Clerk


Knowledge Level


Overall Experience


Merchandise Arrangement

Merchandise Quality

Pricing Display

Overall Merchandise