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Server Maintenance Checklist App

Proper and regular server maintenance is critical in safeguarding your computers and machines against system failures. Use this quick and simple checklist tool to ensure all maintenance grounds have been covered - check that all systems and software have been updated, performance monitor all components of the server modules, troubleshoot any high strain component, and more. Customize this form to perform data, security, hardware checks, or to suit your unique maintenance guidelines. This form works in both on and offline environments.

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Server Maintenance Checklist App


Static IP address of server computer

MAC address of server computer

First name of maintenance technician

Last name of maintenance technician

Date of server maintenance

Are you using remote management tools?

Additional comments

Software and system checks

Check and update software

Operating system updates have been installed

Other application updates have been installed

Server rebooted (if kernel update was installed)

Update your control panel

Update your server (or hosting) control panel

Check remote management tools

Remote console

Remote reboot

Remote mode

Check the server resource usage





Which resources were under high strain?


Troubleshoot CPU

Troubleshoot RAM utilization

Troubleshoot network utilization

Free up server storage space