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Winter Preparedness Checklist

Ensure that your business is prepared for the winter season with this extensive checklist. Keep your vehicles, facilities, and personnel safe and ready for any inclement weather to keep your business running smoothly and your customers are taken care of. The checklist covers every aspect of your business, from emergency contact lists to vehicle maintenance to everything you need to function without power in case of an outage. This app was created for commercial snow removal and paving companies, but is completely customizable for any business preparing for the snowy season.

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Winter Preparedness Checklist


Do you have enough de-icing salt or chemicals?

Do you have warm gloves, hats, and coats?

Do you have safety glasses?

Assess vehicles that may be used for snow removal

Check that everything is working properly and maintained:

Lubrication (plow)

Tire tread

Windshield wipers

Fluid levels


Heaters and defrosters

Communication systems

Windows and mirrors are sound and cleaned regularly

Lights function properly

Make sure your vehicles are equipped with necessary items:

Backup alarms

Emergency kits

Jumper cables




Ice scrapers/snow brushes

Warning flags


Keep up with the weather forecast and alert employees when appropriate

Do you have a weather radio?

How will you notify employees whether they need to come in or not?

Do employees and contractors know their responsibilities during snow situations?

Have you specified primary and secondary plowing routes?

Have you marked obstacles (e.g. fire hydrants) that could be buried by snow and need to be visible to plowers?

Have you trimmed trees to allow snow-removal vehicles to pass through?

Do you have a list of emergency numbers handy?

Is a backup plan in place? If the plow truck breaks down, is there another you can call in?