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Storm Drain Inspection

Our Storm Drain Inspection app allows you to electronically survey stormwater drains rapidly with just your smartphone. Use it to record the debris, pollution, odor, and water clarity of the water flow into the inlet. You can also capture the current weather conditions at the time of the inspection and the exact geolocation of the storm drain. It includes a photo capture field to keep a permanent record of any issues found during the inspection. You can add or edit fields to customize it for your specific needs using our drag-and-drop app builder. Also, you can also combine it with record assignment to dispatch work orders to field personnel. Save time, money, and manpower over using paper forms, by using our Storm Drain Inspection app with your field team today.

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Storm Drain Inspection

Location Information




Outfall ID

Receiving Waterbody

Source of Flow


Approximate Temperature

Wind Present?

Precipitation in Last 3 Days?


Water Color

Inspection Information

Obvious Debris or Pollution


Water Clarity


Additional Information

Sediment in Structure or Channel

Sediment Around Grate?

Structure Condition

Trash / Litter in Area?

Erosion Present?

Follow Up Required?

Corrective Actions