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Record of Inspection For Structural Steel Works

State Building Code requires that the structural engineer of record (SER) establish and direct a program of structural tests and inspections for the construction of most engineered structures. Verify that fabrication is performed in accordance with approved welding procedures and keep details on record. Verify that fabrication is in accordance with approved shop drawings, specifications and any other contract requirements. Lastly, assure fabricator’s conformance with their Quality Control Plan

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Record of Inspection For Structural Steel Works

Project Title

Project Ref Number

Delivery to Site

Free from defects? Warping, twisting, distortion, damaged section, pitting?


Fabricator has the necessary welding facilities, qualified welders and a shelter fabrication yard?



Structural Steel

Grade of Steel

Hot rolled / cold-formed

Cutting & Steel section dimension


Steel markings provided?

Stiffener plates as per drawing?


Material Test

Class of certified steel: Class 1 / 2

Please indicate the type & country of origin?

Comply to material testing required by BC1 (App. B)?

Frequency of material testing comply to BS EN10025-2:2004?

Factory production Control Certificates provided

Manufacturer Test Certificates provided

Any non-certified Steel used?

Independent strength tests by certified ISO tester/ ITA?

Is the laboratory accredited by SAC-SINGLAS?

Bolted Connection

Bolt grade & type conform to BS4190?

Bolts dimension?

Washer grade & type?

Connection joints/splice joints constructed as per drawings?

Bolts tightened to correct torque?

Min 1.5 thread beyond nut?

Any defects? (eg Tilted bolts / holes enlarged by torch cutting) What is the remedy action?

Embedment length and arrangement of holding down bolts?

Location plan provided?


Welding Connection

Size & length of weld according to approved plan & specifications?

Welding electrode strength comply with BS639?

Weld surface clean & free from dust, rust & scales?

Qualified welder & certificate provided?

Any welding defects? (eg Undercuts, pits, surface cracks, lack of fusion) What is the remedy action?

Location plan provided?

For welding test failures, any remedial action taken?


Erection Work

PE design & Certificate of Supervision for temporary structure, support bracings tie backs are submitted?

Structure alignment, level, plumb & correctness?

Erection sequence is in accordance to PE design?

Safe work platform & access provided?


Painting & Surface Preparation

Steel area thoroughly cleaned, scraped, wire-brushed/sand blasted, free from rust & scale before printing?

Galvanized steel hot dipped to SS117 requirements?

Galvanized steel / Surface painted to QP’s specifications?

Corrosion and Fire Protection

Specifications and thickness of material according to approved plan and specifications?

Protection such as coatings and fire protection coatings be evenly applied and no damages to the coatings.

I hereby certify that I had duly checked and satisfied that all works are constructed in accordance with approved drawings and specifications.


Signature of Builder's Site Representatives


Approve / Disapprove

Approve / Disapprove