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Swimming Pool Final Inspection Checklist

This app is designed around South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Swimming Pool Final Inspection checklist. A final checklist inspection to see if the public pool can begin the final stages and prepare to be opened to the general public.

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Swimming Pool Final Inspection Checklist

General Informaiton

Permit Number:


Facility Name



Pipe Approval

Required Papers/Letters

Fill Water Approved

Sewer Connection Approved

General Construction Permit Items

Pool dimensions

Shower at major entrance points (as per plans)

Fence or barrier (A&E min. 6', other types min. 4', all gates self closing and can be locked)

Protective barrier provided on any elevated structure or second floor balcony within 10' horizontally of pool

Overhead wiring (if not in conduit must be 20' away from pool horizontally)

Pool wall and floor (smooth, non-slip, single light color)

Deck (meets minimum width requirements, non-slip, sloped 1/4" to 5/8" per foot away from pool, adequately drains to waste)

6" glazed frost proof tile at water line

No ledges or seats in main body of pool

Adequate handhold from coping or deck

Fill spout location

Fill water backflow prevention (2 X diameter of spout above pool rim or double check valve assembly with proper test results verified)

Hose bib with ASSE 1024 residential dual check or equiv. (location min. 10" above deck)

Pool Interior & General Area

Depth markers (correct to nearest 1/2', 4" numerals, include feet or ft, max. 15' intervals, 2' increments of depth, wall & coping, white background color and a total of 12' of white tile shall be included as a part of the depth marker at waterline, no diving title included in deck depth markers at pools requiring no diving signs)

All appurtenances as per plans (skimmer/gutter, return, main drain, vacuums)

Lifeline if max. depth exceeds 5'6" (marked with permanent non-slip dark color tile stripe min. 4", max. 6"

Ladders (secure and in place, min. three tread design, non-slip)

Handrails (secure, extends over bottom step)

Steps (marked in min. 2" dark colored non-slip stripe or tile)

Water level (middle of skimmer or at gutter lip edge)

Overflow line (6" air gap or in-line check valve)

Adequate deck lighting, GFI per NEC

Underwater lights with GFI

No light fixtures over the water surface

Drinking water fountain as per plans (within 50' of pool, GFI if applicable)s

Diving board requirements as per plans

Bathhouse facilities (proximity, light, vent, drain, no interconnection, shower, water closet, lavatory, toilet paper, liquid or powder soap, towel dispenser or blower hand dryers, shatter-resistant mirrors) or minimum toilet facility

Trash Cans

Guard chair (every 2000 sq/ft) one rescue tube per chair (replaces life ring and shepherd's crook), one backboard, two blankets, one cervical collar (adult & infant size) or head immobilizer per facility (Type A & E)

20" USCG approved life ring with throwing line attached with length 1 & 1/2 x width of pool - 50 ft. max.

Shepherd's crook (12' pole attached w/stainless steel nut and bolt, inside fence within 25' of pool).

First aid kit (must be readily accessible during posted pool hours)

Telephone or emergency notification device (emergency #s at phone, accessible within 200 ft. walking distance, easily accessible)

Filter (make, model)

Pumps (size, make, model, GFI as per NEC)

Chlorinator (make, model)

Automatic controller with chlorine and pH adjustment (model, make, installation, wired to pump flow switch)

Spa has 15 minute timer. Emergency cut-off switch clearly visible and within 25'

Temperature for spa can be monitored in accordance with regulation

Heaters have thermostat control with an automatic cut-off for an upper limit of 104o F

Written instruction for pool & equipment including valve operating schedule (2 copies: 1 posted on equipment room wall with a waterproof cover)

Valves tagged and pipes marked

Flow meter type correct and rate of flow met

Backwash (approved discharge method, receptacle size, 6" air gap or 2 single in-line check valves)

Equipment room (entrance door lockable, adequate illumination and ventilation)

Chemical room (entrance door lockable, adequate illumination and ventilation)

Pool / CPO / spa / bridge signs posted in accordance with regulation

Two "Shallow Water (4"), No Diving Allowed (6")" signs posted in accordance w/regulation

Pool log (bound and numbered)

A state of South Carolina certified pool operator

Chemical levels:

Cl2: 1-5ppm

pH: 7.2-7.8

Cyanuric Acid 0-200 ppm


Contractor's Representative

Owner's Representative

DHEC Representative

Phone Number

Facility must call for reinspection

Facility may open when a permit to operate has been issued by the Department