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Switchgear Inspection Checklist

Employing an effective and thorough switchgear test and inspection is crucial in any maintenance procedure. Use this mobile form to regularly check that the bushing condition is dirt-free, control circuits are fully equipped, auxiliary switches are properly aligned and lubricated, and more. Prevent malfunction catastrophe, extreme repair costs, and potential workplace hazards through implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan. Customize this form to accommodate your switchgear inspection requirements. Can be used with or without internet connection.

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Switchgear Inspection Checklist



Inspection Date

Circuit Breaker Serial Number

Ampere Rating


Year of Manufacture

Voltage Rating


Contact Wear Phase A

Contact Wear Phase B

Contact Wear Phase C

Auxiliary Volts

Ambient Temperature


# of Operation Found

# of Operation Left


Equipment structure & painted surface

Bushing condition

Control & operator mechanism compartments

Compartment general condition

Compartment control circuits

Anti condensation heaters


Operation mechanism

Position indicator

Charging spring

Auxiliary switches

Relay condition

Electrical connections

Trip/close operation

Vacuum bottle