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Tank Inspection App

The American Petroleum Institute (API) requires that all tanks be thoroughly inspected for compliance with petroleum industry standards. Prevent accidental leaks, avoid high repair costs, and ensure the integrity and safety of your above-ground tanks and storage tanks. Use the inspection results to direct any repair, alteration, or reconstruction plans. Customize this app to accommodate any additional requirements set by third-party tank inspection standards and use the GPS feature to accurately track your tank inspection locations. This app works in both on and offline environments.

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Tank Inspection App


Facility PBS Registration Number

Tank Number

Tank Registered

Tank Registration Certificate Posted

Date of Inspection

Distribute to

Tank Location

Aboveground storage tank

Outer tank surface check for signs of leakage

Pink condition is considered good (Not rusting, no signs of corrosion or pitting)

No signs of separation or swelling of tank

Bolts, rivets, and/or seams are not damaged and appear in good condition

No signs of the excessive settlement of AST

Level gauges in alarms are working properly (push button to test alarms)

Vents are not obstructed

Valves, flanges, and gaskets are free from leaks

Truck loading/unloading area

Fill ports are properly color-coded and labeled

No standing water and loading/unloading containment area

Warning signs are posted in area

Fill port containment does not have standing water

Drip pans are not overflowing (or have standing water)

Containnmet curbing is in good condition

Fill port connections are capped or bank-flanged

Still prevention equipment

Spill prevention equipment is maintained at tank condition

Still prevention equipment is in good condition with adequate supplies

Tank pipelines

Pipe services checked for signs of leakage

No signs of corrosion to pipelines or pipe supports

Buried pipelines are not exposed

Out of service pipelines are capped

Signs/barriers to protect aboveground pipes from vehicles are present

No leaks at valves, flanges, or other fittings

Secondary containment area

Door to taint is in good condition

Door is locked

Available lighting system works properly

Certification of tank inspection

I certify that the above inspection has been performed in a manner consistent with the requirements of 6 NYCRR section 613.6

Name of the person completing this form