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Traffic Control Audit Form

In construction zones, it is important to regulate a traffic control system to ensure not just a safe and efficient movement of not only vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians but also protective means for workers and equipment. Conduct an audit of the traffic control need based on the situation of each project zone. Document the work duration, traffic volume, flagger, and worker safety considerations, transition and buffer areas, and more to develop a thorough guideline for the design of the construction project. This mobile audit form is 100% customizable to the specific needs of your project audit guidelines.

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Traffic Control Audit Form

Previous Audit

Has the previous audit been reviewed?

Are there any outstanding actions?


Project Overview

Project name

Project address

Work Schedule

Night Operations?

Work Duration

Traffic Control Plan

Set-Up of Traffic Control

Removal of Traffic Control

On-Site TM/TCS

On-Site Foreman

Site Conditions

Night Conditions?



Road Type

Traffic Volume

Work Location

Toilet Facilities

Traffic Control Procedure

Job Briefing Prior to Work


High Visibility Apparel / PPE

Traffic Control Method

Traffic Control Setup and Audit

Primary Transition

Work zone Audit Completed

Work zone Audit completion Date

Safety Considerations

Flagger Safety Considerations

Worker Safety Considerations

Emergency Considerations

Pedestrian Considerations

Roadway Safety Considerations

Overall Effectiveness

Traffic Control Zones

Traffic Control Zones

Transition/Taper Area

Activity/Buffer Area

Termination/Taper Area

Overall Effectiveness

Traffic Control Devices

Advance Warning Signs

Channelizing Devices

Lighting Devices

Overall Effectiveness

Incident Report

Was there an incident to report?

Analysis and Key Take-Away

Key Take-Away


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