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Transmission Line Inspection Form

Dispatch a patrol of inspectors to perform routine transmission line inspections of an electrical network. Collect information such as the installation year, system maximum allowable working pressure (MAOP), pipe data, and more to ensure proper and reliable electrical service. Use the location feature to accurately identify where each inspection was conducted. This customizable form will work in areas with or without an internet connection, so you can use this app for both traditional ground patrol and aerial helicopter inspection projects.

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Transmission Line Inspection Form

Inspection Report

Inspector Name

Inspection Date

Transmission Line Inspection

Name of Operator

Name of Units


Unit # (s)

Record Location

Unit Type & Commodity

Inspection Type

PUC Representative

Field Days

Person Interviewed



Phone Number

Company Maps Reviewed?

Transmission Inspection

Transmission Line Inspected

List all pipe data for this transmission line

Actual System Operating Pressure

System MAOP

MAOP Method


Nominal Size


Wall Thickness

Coating Type

Outage Diameter