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Used Car Inspection

Conduct vehicle safety inspections before a long trip, a purchase, or just to see how your old clunker stacks up with our Used Car Inspection app. Easily manage multiple car inspections to compare prices and value. Are you a used car dealer? Know your inventory inside and out. Keep track of vehicles, contact info, prices, and take photos and videos to document everything. This app works offline, and is fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

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Used Car Inspection






VIN Number

Seller info

Asking price

Date inspected


Dealership or private seller?

Name of dealership

Contact name

Contact phone number



Evidence of curb damage on tires?

Are tire pressures set properly?

Are any hubcaps missing, damaged, or loose?

Where is the hubcap damage?

Are tires matching?

What is inconsistent about the tires?

Left front tire

Left rear tire

Right rear tire

Right front tire


Is the paint faded or cracked?

Poor paint quality

Are any panels different colors?

Is their visible rust?

Visible rust

Do headlights work?

Do brake lights work?

Do tail lights work?


Are there any tears or marks on the seats?

Seat damage

Do all windows function properly?

Which windows do not function properly?

Does the air conditioning blow cool air?

Does the heater blow warm air?

Do windshield wipers function properly?

Does the radio work?

Do all power mirrors work properly?

Which power mirrors don't work?

Does the car smell?

Chasis and underbody

Are tires worn evenly?

Uneven tire wear and tear

Are brake pads and rotors in good condition?

Is there rust on any of the underbody surface?

Any bent or dented metal?

Bent or dented metal


Are there cracks in the belts?

Which belt(s)?

Are battery clamps loose or corroded?

How many years old is the battery?

Any evidence of fluid leaks?

Fluid leaks

Oil quality

Does transmission fluid smell burnt?

Powertrain Startup

Are there any strange noises?

Do warning lights illuminate when ignition is on, no engine?

Are warning lights on when engine is running?

Which warning lights turn on?

Does car shift into drive smoothly?

On the Road

Does the car handle tight circles without any rubbing sounds?

Do brakes operate tightly and sufficiently?

Does the car coast straight ahead without veering to one side?

Does transmission switch smoothly while accelerating?

Do you hear knocking noises as the car moves faster?

Inspection complete?

Inspection passed?