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Used Oil Inspection Checklist

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all used oil generators, collector centers, or aggregation points to adhere to the same standards. This Used Oil Inspection Checklist will help you ensure your facility’s conformance to proper guidelines for the storage and disposal of used oil. Keep an accurate record of when and where each inspection was performed in online or offline environments. You can customize this mobile form to accommodate any additional local or organizational requirements.

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Used Oil Inspection Checklist



Facility Location

Name of Inspector

Aggregation Point Location

Date completed


Does the generator manage used oil in a surface impoundment or waste pile?

Is the surface impoundment or waste pile regulated as a hazardous waste management unit?

Is used oil used as a dust suppressant?

Is off-specification used oil fuel burned for energy recovery in devices specified in 3745-279-12(C)?

Generator Standards

Does the generator mix hazardous waste with used oil?

Is the mixture managed as specified in 3745-279-10(B)?

Does the generator of a used oil containing greater than 1,000 ppm total halogens manage the used oil as a hazardous waste unless the presumption is rebutted successfully?

Does the generator store used oil in tanks; or containers; or a unit(s) subject to regulation as a hazardous waste management unit?

Are containers and aboveground tanks used to store used oil in good condition with no visible leaks?

Are containers, above ground tanks, and fill pipes used for underground tanks clearly labeled or marked “Used Oil?”

Has the generator, upon detection of a release of used oil, done the following

Stopped the release?

Contained the release?

Cleaned up and properly managed the used oil and other materials?

Repaired or replaced the containers or tanks prior to returning them to service, if necessary?

On Site Burning in Space Heater

Does the generator burn used oil in used-oil fired space heaters?

Does the heater burn only used oil that owner/operator generates or used oil received from household do-it-yourself (DIY) used oil generators?

Is the heater designed to have a maximum capacity of not more that 0.5 million BTU per hour?

Are the combustion gases from heater vented to the ambient air?

Generator Transportation

Does the generator have the used oil hauled only by transporters that have obtained a U.S. EPA ID#?

If the generator self-transports used oil to an approved collection site or to an aggregation point owned by the generator

Does the generator transport used oil in a vehicle owned by the generator or an employee of the generator?

Does the generator transport more than 55 gallons of used oil at any time?

Collection Centers and Aggregation Points

Is the DIY used oil collection center in compliance with the generator standards in 3745-279-20 to 3745-279-24?

Is the non-DIY used oil collection center registered with Ohio EPA?

Is the used oil aggregation point in compliance with the generator standards in 3745-279-20 to 3745-279-24?

Time completed