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Vacant or Abandoned Property Survey

Originally created for real estate investment companies, this app was designed to help locate vacant or abandoned properties, document their condition and mark their location for buy-and-hold investors, landlords, or resellers. It it also useful for homeowners associations, neighborhood watch organizations, code enforcement or other concerned parties to watch out for squatters or other illegal activity and report violations to police or other local authorities. The app is completely customizable and can be used for homes, empty lots, or commercial properties - with or without internet service.

Vacant or Abandoned Property Survey iPhone, iPad Vacant or Abandoned Property Survey Android Vacant or Abandoned Property Survey Web, Desktop
Vacant or Abandoned Property Survey

General property questions

Location ID


Name and mailing address of property owner

How long has property been vacant?

For sale/for rent sign present?

Name/phone number on sign

Construction/demolition in progress?

Are animals present on the property?

Does it appear that someone is maintaining the property?


Structural assessment

Is there a structure on the property?

Is there structural damage?

Is it visibly unsecured?

Condition of interior


Financial, tax and insurance information

Amount last sold for

Amount of most recent property tax bill

Does address require flood insurance?

Any liens on property?

Names of all mortgagees, lien holders and additional loss payees (and amount when possible)

Is property in foreclosure?