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Vehicle Check In Inspection

The Vehicle Check In Inspection form allows porters or service advisors to quickly capture general owner, vehicle, and existing damage information on vehicles being dropped of at a dealership or service center. Records and photos are timestamped in the event that the customer makes a claim that the vehicle was retuned damaged. The form can be modified further to meet your exact needs.

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Vehicle Check In Inspection

Owner Information

Reason for Visit


Contact Number

Email Address

Preferred Method of Contact

General Vehicle Information

Service Tag Number




License Plate Number


Photo of Vehicle

Vehicle Inspection

Note all Damage. If damage is noted in a section please take a photo of the damage.


Front Bumper Damage?

Front Bumper Damage Notes:

Photo of Damage on Front Bumper

Photo of Damage on Hood

Hood Damage Notes:

Hood Damage?

Passenger Side Damage?

Passenger Side Damage Notes:

Photo of Damage on Passenger Side

Rear Bumper Damage?

Rear Bumper Damage Notes:

Tailgate/Trunk Damage Notes:

Photo of Damage on Rear Bumper

Tailgate/Trunk Damage?

Photo of Damage on Tailgate/Truck

Driver Side Damage?

Driver Side Damage Notes:

Photo of Damage on Driver Side

Roof Damage?

Roof Damage Notes:

Photo of Damage on Roof

Wheel Damage?

Which Wheels Are Damaged?

Photo of Damage on Wheels

Tire Condition

Front Passenger Side

Rear Passenger Side

Front Driver Side

Rear Driver Side

Wiper Condition

Front Wipers

Rear Wipers


Front Seats and Interior Damage?

Note for Front Interior Damage

Photos of Front Interior Damage

Rear Seats and Interior Damage?

Note for Rear Interior Damage

Photos of Rear Interior Damage