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Wash Station Inspection Checklist

Accidental exposures to chemical, biological, and other physical hazards have potentials to cause serious injuries to the eyes and other body parts. In the event of accidental exposures to hazards, it is imperative that a construction site is equipped with emergency showers and eyewash stations to provide immediate decontamination. Use this checklist to complete a thorough inspection of your wash stations to ensure they comply with safety regulations and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Customize this checklist to suit your needs regarding construction safety and use this mobile form in areas with or without an internet connection.

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Wash Station Inspection Checklist


Name of Individual conducting inspection

Date of inspection:

Type of Inspection

Location of Inspection



Is there an unobstructed passage and easy access to the eyewash/shower station?

Is the area well lit and easily visible?

Is there enough room to allow the user to stand in front of the eyewash station nozzles and maintain their eyes open, or to stand below the flushing fluid stream of a shower?

Is the eyewash/shower located within 10 sec (55 feet) from potential hazardous materials?

Is the eyewash/shower location identified with a highly visible sign?

Emergency Unit

Are eyewash nozzles equipped with protective covers?

Are the covers automatically removed upon activation of the eyewash?

Is the eyewash/shower unit easily activated?

Does the unit activate in less than 1 second?

Once activated, does the unit remain operational without the use of the hands?

Does the unit allow for a continuous flow of flushing fluid for more than 15 minutes?

Are there any signs of corrosion to the unit?

Water Flow

Does the eyewash spray pattern deliver a simultaneous flow of water to both eyes?

Does the shower spray pattern deliver a continuous flow of water with a diameter of at least 50 cm at 152 cm from the floor?

Does the eyewash water flow at a volume not less than 1.5 litre/minute for 15 minutes?

Does the shower water flow at a volume not less than 75 litre/minute for 15 minutes?

Is the flow rate at a low velocity to be non-injurious to the user?

Is the water temperature constant and tepid? Temperature range: 16-38 degrees Celsius

Is the flushing liquid clear?

Does the flow remain until the unit is returned to its resting position?

Does the water drain properly from the basin/sink?