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Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Checklist

Diesel engine driven fire pumps must be inspected weekly to verify that all test results are within normal limits. Document the pressure at pump startup, discharge pressure, temperature and tightness of shaft seal packing, and more to ensure that no issues exist such as overheating or lack of combustion air. Observe and address potential problems through routine testing before further deterioration or an occurrence of a catastrophic event. This mobile inspection form is 100% customizable to your individual fire pump inspection requirements and works in both on and offline environments.

Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Checklist iPhone, iPad Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Checklist Android Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Checklist Web, Desktop
Weekly Fire Pump Inspection Checklist


Driver Type



Pump Manufacturer

Year Installed

Manufacturer's Model Number

gpm/psi rating

Phone Number

Fax Number

Inspection Details

Date Tested

Test Location

Tested By

Pressure at pump startup

Motor running time

Suction pressure

Discharge pressure

Temperature and tightness of shaft seal packing

Level of water supplies

Water temperature in suction tank/reservoir

Pump room temperature

For Diesel Only

Engine instrument readings

Oil pressure


Crank case oil level

Last oil change

Next oil change


Fuel tank level should be at least 3/4 full

Condition of battery charger

Last time battery charged

Battery electrolyte level normal

Cooling system strainer condition

Cooling system temperature

Operation of room ventilation dampers and fans

Inspection of drive belts/hose


Weekly pump flow test results

Explain findings