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Welding Safety Inspection Checklist

Welding procedures involve high temperatures, flammable gases, high voltages, and other hazards. To ensure the safety of not only the welder but also the surrounding area, it is critical to conduct welding safety inspections at the start of and throughout a welding project. Use this mobile Welding Safety Inspection Checklist to make sure that the welding equipment, personal safety gear, and the welding environment are in check. Document details of a workplace condition such as the accessibility of protective equipment, work area restrictions, certification or permit for operation, etc. Customize this form to accommodate further inspection requirements or regulatory guidelines. This app works in both on and offline environments.

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Welding Safety Inspection Checklist

General Information

Structure ID

Project/Construction ID

Take a photo of the project workplace


Inspection Location

Inspector Name

Inspector Signature



Are all welding operators trained/certified?

Are all instructions clear and understood by operators?

Are all welding operators familiar with the welding machine?

Are all welding operators aware of the type of materials to be weld?

Do all welding operators wear proper PPE?

Are welding operators aware of all safety and emergency protocols?

Welding Machine

Are all welding cables, wirings, and electrode holder insulations in good working condition?

Are all welding terminals and joints in good working condition?

Is the size of cable suitable for voltage supply?

Work Area

Is work area clean and free of flammables and obstructions?

Is work area well ventilated?

Is there a suitable Class ABC fire extinguisher nearby while welding?

Are combustible floors wetted or protected?

Are combustible walls shielded or guarded?

Is fire blanket available within the area?

Are warning signs placed within the area?

Is work area restricted to regular employees?

On-Going Operation

Is arch shield used to provide an extra layer of protection?

Do all welding operators wear an approved respirator?

Are all welding operators insulated from work and ground?

Are all welding operators use dry insulation?

Do welding operators avoid coiling of electrode cable around any part of their body?

Are oxygen cylinders handled with clean hands or gloves?

Are fuel-gas cylinders placed with valve end up?

Is cylinder not attached when lifting a machine?


Are all combustible materials swept away?

Are all welding equipment turned off and properly stored?

Is gas cylinder valve fully closed and put away safely?

Are all equipment clean and stored properly?

Are waste items disposed properly in designated and appropriate waste container?

Are all incidents reported to a supervisor?



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