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Well Inspection Checklist

Use this detailed inspection checklist for wells to maintain proper operation of your system. By conducting a regular assessment, you can keep an accurate record of current water yield measurements, assess water pump performance, and compare results with past reports to identify deterioration in conditions of well components. Minimize well repair costs and optimize long-term system performance. Accurately locate your well sites using the GPS feature and customize the form to suit your well inspection standards. This app works in both on and offline environments.

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Well Inspection Checklist

Well Location and Condition

According to the well log, is the well a drilled well?

If the well is NOT a drilled well, has it been brought up to current standard or code, according to well records

How old is the well, according to the well log?

How deep is the well, according to the well

Are well records available?

According to well maintenance records, how often were water tests performed on the well?

Where is the well located on the property?

Is the soil around the well burmed, so as to prevent puddling around the wellhead and to divert any runoff water from going to the wellhead?

Are there any voids in the soil around the top of the wellhead which could allow runoff to travel down the borehole to the aquifer?

Is the wellhead visible and above ground?

Are any permanent structures located within 10 feet of the wellhead?

Is it apparent from a site inspection that the well location meets the minimum distance from contamination sources as outlined by state or local regulation?

According to well records, are there any abandoned wells on the property?

Well Components

Is the lining of the well 12 or more inches above the land surface?

Are there any visible holes or cracks in the well casing?

According to the well log, does the casting depth meet state and local codes?

Is the well cap vermin-proof, watertight and securely attached to the well casing?

Is there any corrosion visible at the plumbing fittings and/or the pressure/storage tank?

According to the well log, is pitless equipment used?

How long does it take for the pump to go from the low limit to the high limit with no water running in the house?

Does the home hav any water treatment devices?

Does the home have any water treatment devices?

Have water treatment systems been regularly maintained, according to well maintenance records?

Water Testing

Is a water sample needed?

If yes, what type?

Well Yield/Flow

Well flow test results:

Is a more extensive test needed to evaluate well yield?