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Wireless Site Survey Checklist

Use this Wireless Site Survey Checklist before implementing or optimizing a WLAN to understand possible interference, equipment needed, and power, wiring, and aesthetic considerations. Conducting a wireless site survey questionnaire will enable you to determine the best place for access points to avoid overlap or interference and optimize your wireless network. This mobile form was designed for surveying existing commercial facilities but can be adapted for predictive surveys, or to conduct residential wireless site surveys. All Fulcrum mobile forms work offline and can be synced to your dashboard as soon as you reach connectivity.

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Wireless Site Survey Checklist

Organization name

Site address

Site phone

Site access hours

Contact name

Contact phone

Contact email

Survey conducted by:

Project manager

What types of wireless services is customer interested in? (Select all that apply.)

Brief description of the areas where wireless service is requested

What type of facility is it?

If other, please explain

Are there enough switch ports available at the site to accommodate the new access points?

What is the port speed?

What type of Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the switch capable of?

What type of ceilings are at this location?

Are the ceiling tiles recessed or flush?

Are there any areas (conference rooms, common areas) that will experience times of high client density?

What will be the maximum number of users?

What types of client devices will be used on the wireless LAN? (Select all that apply.)

How many users at this site on average?

Are there any wide area network (WAN) bandwidth concerns for this site?

Please explain

Are there special mounting requirements or aesthetic concerns for access point placement, such as historical buildings, tamper-proof enclosures, or areas with excessive moisture or dust?

Please explain

Are there any ceilings over 20 feet high?

Is there a lift available onsite for use?

Any core locations where wifi connectivity is required?

Please describe

Are there any known sources of wifi interference such as interior metal or concrete walls, existing wireless network, etc?

Please describe

Floor plan

Customer signature