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2023 gift guide for people who love geography

November 8, 2023

Four years have flown by since we last navigated the globe for a geography gift guide, and it’s high time for an update! Whether you’re a map enthusiast, a trivia titan, or just looking to jazz up your desk with a spinning Earth, our latest roundup of geographically great gifts will have you plotting a course to the nearest ‘Add to Cart’ button. From puzzles that challenge your flag knowledge to mugs that serve up a side of humor with your morning brew, we’ve charted a course for presents that promise to elevate your latitude and attitude in equal measure. So, grab your compass and let’s embark on a journey through the best gifts for the geography lover in your life – no passport required!

For kids

1. Eurographics Flags of the World 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
$19.99 USD

This formidable puzzle is for the budding Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) wannabes who will love putting this together. . . and letting everyone know which flags have changed its 2008 design date (Libya and South Sudan, to name a couple). Beautifully rendered and highly reviewed, it’s sure to be a hit!

2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography flags of the world

2. Geography Trivia Challenge – Ages 8+


3. The World Game – Kids to adults
$21.90 USD

For this entry, we have two kid-friendly geo-centric family games that make learning about geography fun. Geography Trivia Challenge takes players on a tour of the world where they earn tokens by answering geography questions – and avoid setbacks such as earthquakes, landslides, and other natural disasters. The World Game is an award-winning geography card game with adjustable difficulty levels so kids can face off against adults to show who is the geography master!

2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Around the World 101 Geography Trivia Game       2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Around the World Game

For coffee drinkers

4. 101 Geography Jokes coffee mug
$19.95 USD


5. Without Geography You’re Nowhere travel mug
$22.99 USD

A perfect gift for your favorite geography teacher… or for any father who needs to add more content to his dad joke library, this mug will have you squinting at such bon mots as “Q: Which is smarter, latitude or longitude? A: Longitude, because it has 360 degrees” as you enjoy your morning java. Sure to keep coffee warm – and students (or kids) groaning – for years to come.

For those who need their coffee on the go, the “Without Geography You’re Nowhere” stainless steel travel mug is a handy companion that’s sure to draw some good-natured laughs – and maybe a few eye rolls.

2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Around the World 101 jokes mug 2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Around the World Without Geography Travel Mug

For couples

6.   Where We Met Map
From $49.00 USD

Customize your personal map of where you and your sweetie first met in this rare meeting of romance and geography. The website also has available custom maps for the locations of first dates, weddings, first homes, and more. They even have custom star maps for a special birthday – a fun, nursery-ready gift for parents with new babies!

2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Where We Met

For dads

7. Around the World and Doppler socks
$14.99 USD
These vibrant and fun men’s crew socks are breathable, have a cushion footbed and a seamless toe. When you sit down and your Dockers ride up to reveal your shins, expect some admiring glances and perhaps even a whistle. And, if you’re a more adventurous type, they even have boxer briefs in the Doppler design 😉

2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Around the World Socks      2023 Gift Guide for People Who Love Geography Around the World Doppler socks

For your home

8. Steel World Map
From $49

This sleek steel world map from Displate Metal Posters is a stylish choice that easily mounts with a magnet. The site offers a wide selection of maps, including detailed street layouts of cities like Vienna, London, and New York, historical maps, and even fictional ones from games like Skyrim, Witcher 3, and Zelda – perfect for gamers!

9. Mova Earth with Clouds Globe
From $198 USD

Check out this MOVA Globe – it’s like having a mini-Earth spinning on your desk, no plugs or batteries, just some NASA pics and cool magnets making it float. It’s like a space trip without leaving your chair! We’ve seen one of these in person, and it’s truly mesmerizing – quietly hovering above the stand and slowly turning. They’re pricey, starting at just under $200, but a worthy investment if you’re looking to make a big impression on a geography aficionado.

2023 Gift Guide for Geography Fans - Mova Globe

10. Vertigo Standing Globe
$499.99 USD

Another pricey entry is the illuminated 15” topographical globe that stands on a nearly 4-foot tall, inclined mount. Initially, we thought this was a world map punching bag, but sadly no, it’s a novelty globe light on an articulated pole you can bend and shape. When illuminated, the internal light shows details on the globe and glows with rather pretty warmth. For the geography buff who has everything – here’s another thing you can give them.


And that’s a wrap on our 2023 geography gift guide! Whether it’s for the trivia king, the puzzle pro, or the mug collector with a penchant for puns, these geography gems are sure to map out some smiles. So go ahead, give the gift of a worldview with a twist of fun – because every geography lover knows that the best part of the subject is discovering the quirks of our incredible planet. Happy gifting, and may your compass always point to adventure – even if it’s just over your morning coffee!