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Activity Feed for Monitoring Changes

March 5, 2014

With the release of our management dashboard design improvements a couple weeks ago, we also introduced a new panel for administrators monitoring activity in their Fulcrum organization, to be able to view field updates as they happens. The Activity Feed panel, visible on the right side of the main dashboard, shows a chronological view of activity going on with your users.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed will show new records added, edits to existing data, and deletes, per app. It’s easy to look at the feed and get a sense for what’s happening with your teams, and where they’re making their contributions. Edits on the web, as well as data import activities, also show up in the feed. As you can see in the screenshot example, it’s easy to tell which of your organization members is currently active and syncing data.

Clicking on the ‘5 records’ link in an activity event will pull up the Fulcrum data view to see those specific changes in the map, table, or split view interface, making it easier for back-office data managers to open and to visual checks of data during the QA/QC process. Fast QA means that feedback can be given to teams out in the field — incomplete data, suggested corrections, additional data requests — while they’re on-site.

We have further plans in store to add more functionality to the Activity Feed, including modifications to Apps, additional users added, and others. Stay tuned for future updates, and let us know what you think of the new Activity Feed panel on Twitter or Facebook.