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Fulcrum for Android released

August 1, 2012

We’re excited to announce that Fulcrum for Android is now available on the Google Play store. This fantastic platform for creating your own custom mobile data collection apps is now open to a much wider market of data collectors.

Android release

The market for Android devices has grown astronomically in the past year, and ever since we started developing Fulcrum in 2011, we’ve had plans to build out a native app on the Android platform. As an Apple- and iOS-centric shop, we design and develop mobile apps first on iOS – but Android is gradually sinking in with the team, especially as its OS versions get better and better.

Fulcrum on Android brings your data collection apps from your Fulcrum web account onto your mobile devices, allowing you to use your custom-built survey forms online or offline on your Android phones or tablets.

There are still a few features in the works to bring our Android platform up to the same level as the iOS app, but we’re making rapid strides to get it there. In fact the video embedded below is already out of date. Keep an eye out for updates on Google Play to get the latest and greatest new features as they’re released, like offline base maps, viewing nearby data points, and two-way syncing of your data. Check us out on Twitter to follow our updates, and check out our Help site for guides & how-to’s.