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Attending Geography 2050

By Coleman McCormick
November 16, 2015

We’re excited to be attending the excellent Geography 2050 Symposium this week in New York City. Set up as an open symposium by the American Geographical Society, the objective is to offer a platform for discussion around the challenges facing planet, with a focus on mapping, geography, and spatial sciences. After an excellent show last year, this year’s focus is “Exploring Our Future in an Urbanized World”, with a set of topics relating to urbanization and the growth of cities.


The list of speakers and panelists is impressive, with contributors from academia, government, defense, humanitarian development, and industry. Diversity of perspective is frequently lacking at many symposia and conferences, but not with Geo2050 — the AGS team has brought together an amazing group for the event.

The event is happening at Columbia University and hosted by the Earth Institute. If you’re thinking of attending, take a look at some of the videos from last year’s show to learn more about what kinds of talks to look forward to. I’ll be in attendance along with Tony and Bryan. If you’re there, let’s discuss the future of spatial technology!