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Beta Testing Data Integration with Zapier

By Coleman McCormick
February 19, 2015

We’re working on building some integration tools using Zapier, a great service that allows Fulcrum data to be integrated or sent to other services based on specific triggers. Zapier has existing tools to integrate with services like Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, Basecamp, and many more – or to do simple actions like send emails, SMS messages, or push notifications.

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste another second or dollar creating complicated integrations systems. Use Zapier to automate the apps you and your team are already using daily. –Zapier Team

Using Fulcrum together with Zapier, when your Fulcrum records are created, record status fields are changed, or when a record is assigned to a user, our Zapier “zap” allows you to have your data trigger an action (think IFTTT but much more customizable). Check out the full list of supported integrations on their Zapbook page, it’s impressive.

In this beta testing phase, we want our users to give it a shot and see what kinds of useful workflow improvements you can come up with. Our Fulcrum customer base uses dozens of the available services on Zapier’s catalog, so there are many interesting integrations that can be explored.

This example video demonstrates how you can use Fulcrum in conjunction with a service called Pushover to send push notifications to users when a record is assigned:

Getting Access

Here’s how you can get started testing with your own data. You’ll first need to create a Zapier account on their website, then get our Fulcrum trigger added to your account so you can create actions.

Also take a look at our quick overview guide on setting up a test integration to try it out. When you’ve tinkered with it to see what’s possible, let us know what you think!