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Better security and lower risk through SCIM

By The Fulcrum Team
December 8, 2022

Centralized provisioning of Fulcrum now available

Fulcrum continues to pursue platform developments supporting not only our users responsible for field inspections, but also the IT teams responsible for making sure they have the right inspection tools in hand to do their jobs. We’re pleased to announce that we do both with our recent adoption of SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). This update allows users to provision and deprovision Fulcrum using centralized identity management platforms such as Okta and Azure.

Why is it important?

Efficiently managing and scaling SaaS applications is a major challenge for IT teams today. Security risks arise from not promptly removing access for ex-employees. Additionally, the costs of unused licenses continue to recur and quickly add up.

With new centralized management of Fulcrum, you will enjoy better control of license assignment onboarding and off-boarding, which complements your SSO technology.

Who has access?

SCIM is available today to Fulcrum accounts at an Enterprise subscription level. If you want more information on upgrading to an Enterprise account, please contact your Account Executive or reach out to us sales@fulcrumapp.com.

Wait – I have questions!

For information on provisioning Fulcrum with SCIM, please visit our How do I set up Single Sign-on and User Provisioning knowledge base article. And if you’re ready to enable SCIM for your existing Enterprise account, please contact Customer Support at support@fulcrumapp.com.

Cybersecurity stock image - Better security and lower risk through SCIM