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Fulcrum on the CARTO Marketplace

March 4, 2015

A little over a year ago I put together a CARTO Webhooks guide and wrote a short blog post on CARTO highlighting how to use our recently released webhook push notifications to push Fulcrum record updates to CARTO tables. This post caught the attention of our friends at CARTO, which got some conversations going and launched our close working relationship.

Fulcrum Data Shares

Our implementation of Fulcrum Data Shares a few months later made it even easier for users to sync their field data with CARTO for dynamic mapping, analysis, and visualizations. Many of our users are now sharing how they are using Fulcrum with CARTO to map their world.

We’ve developed a fantastic partnership with our friends at CARTO over the past year and were honored to participate in their CartoDB14 partner event in NYC back in December. I’ve come to realize that we share a lot of the same philosophies and values with regards to product development, customer satisfaction and overall enthusiasm for the technologies we are building.

I’ve also realized that we share a very common user base. Our typical users are tinkerers and explorers who appreciate a well thought out user experience but aren’t afraid to pull back the covers and hack around a bit. They appreciate open integration points and hooks into the platform to build out compelling new applications, which are lightweight, agile, and built on common components and open standards.

Fulcrum officially launched on the CARTO Marketplace last week. We’ve updated our CARTO Partner Page to reflect our complementary services and will be hosting an introductory webinar on Wednesday, March 18th at 11AM EDT to highlight the power of combining Fulcrum with CARTO for a completely cloud-based data collection, distribution, and analysis solution.

If you are interesting in learning more about either service, please feel free to contact me directly @brymcbride and make sure to sign up for the webinar below!