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Chart new territory using advanced geospatial capabilities with Esri integration

By Coleman McCormick
May 9, 2023

Back in November when we announced our definitive Commercial Provider agreement with Esri to build on the Esri technology stack, we asked you to watch this space for updates. So, for those of you who’ve been watching (and even those who’ve maybe stepped away from the Fulcrum Focus to get a cup of coffee or something), we’ve got exciting new features to share!

, Chart new territory using advanced geospatial capabilities with Esri integration

Get smart with improved location intelligence

Field teams no longer must rely on paper maps or a patchwork of digital mapping solutions. Now they can use a single app on their handheld devices to do all their field team process management, geographic context, and data collection tasks. Plus, you’ll now be able to consume Esri-native lines and polygons in Fulcrum so that changes made by the manager in the office are immediately – and automatically – shared with the field. 

Eliminate gridlock

In the past, transmitting relevant geospatial data to and from mobile devices was time-consuming, with everything grinding to a halt while you waited for the data to be uploaded and available. The Fulcrum-Esri integration means that two-way communication of maps and geodatabase information can be done with minimal effort and a fraction of the time, eliminating hours or even days from project timelines. 

Better data, faster

With real-time, bi-directional data flowing between Fulcrum and ArcGIS, time is saved while transcription errors are eliminated. In addition, using Esri’s Feature Services and layers within Fulcrum helps to overcome information silos by communicating more high-quality location intelligence to and from the field.

We’re just getting started with our integration of Esri to make Fulcrum a more powerful, useful, and comprehensive platform than ever. While you’re checking out the exciting new features, we’re already hard at work at what comes next. In the meantime, in the coming weeks we’ll be sending out more information on how the integration features above play out in real-life scenarios.  

So stay tuned. We’ll be back soon with more of what makes the Fulcrum – Esri partnership a match made in GIS heaven. And in the meantime, below are some Fulcrum-Esri resources sharing what we’ve been up to – and what’s to come.

Ready to hear more? Join us on June 8 for a free webinar with the Fulcrum product team to see live demos, new features you can start using today, and an overview of the Esri integration vision. And in the meantime, check out the resources below to get up to speed on what’s new with the Fulcrum – Esri integration… and start to get excited about what’s new and what’s coming!


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