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Introducing Child Record History

March 5, 2015

We first released record history back in November of 2013 (really, it feels like just the other day). Since then, we have been introducing a lot of additional features for Fulcrum. One of these was the repeatable section. This special field type works less like a typical section in Fulcrum and more like an independent app which can be used to capture child records that are linked back to the parent record in Fulcrum.

Until last week, the only way to view the child record history was to export the history and view this data outside of Fulcrum. This was acceptable for some of our users who have integrated Fulcrum into their existing databases; but others wanted to be able to see this information directly inside of Fulcrum.

Users can now view the history of their child data directly from the parent record’s (root level) history page. This will even work with nested child records, aka grandchild records. Now you will find that you are able to drill into any repeatable section and see when the child record was first added to its parent record. You can also drill into that specific child record and see any and all changes made to that record.

You can check out the child record history now in your own account or get a quick demo of it in the video below. Additionally, if you have any feedback you would like to share, feel free to email us at support@fulcrumapp.com, we would love to hear it!