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Fulcrum Classification Set Utility

March 27, 2015

Classification sets in Fulcrum let you create predefined hierarchies and schemas for classifying selection choice data into a standard format. This makes selecting a value from a long list of items incredibly efficient in the field. Classification sets are searchable and let you quickly ‘drill down’ to your intended value.

The Fulcrum classification set builder lets you drag and drop items to visually design your custom element hierarchy. You also have the ability to import a structured CSV file to create the classification set.

Classification Set Utility

Advanced Classification Set Manipulation

Working with complex classification sets can be tricky, so I created a little helper utility, which utilizes the Fulcrum API Classification Sets for viewing, creating, modifying and downloading custom classification sets. Most of the key code was forked from Zac’s old Fulcrum CSV Tool.

  • You can paste in or upload (Tools > Upload CSV File) any CSV file, which conforms to the standard Fulcrum Classification Set CSV format and it will return the standard Fulcrum Classification Set JSON format. Edits can be made to either the JSON or the CSV text, and will be reflected accordingly on either side.
  • Sign in to your Fulcrum account to access and modify existing Classification Sets or create and upload new ones (Tools > Save Classification Set).

The standard workflow for bulk updating an existing classification set:

  1. Log in and select your classification set from the dropdown.
  2. Download as CSV (Tools > Download as CSV).
  3. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor such as Excel or LibreOffice, edit and save.
  4. Upload the CSV file back into the utility (Tools > Upload CSV File) and save (Tools > Save Classification Set).

To create a new classification set:

  1. Log in and select –New Classification Set– from the dropdown.
  2. Upload a CSV File (Tools > Upload CSV File).
  3. Be sure to fill in the name property.
  4. Save (Tools > Save Classification Set).

Building on the Fulcrum API

This little helper utility is a great example of how you can expand the functionality of the Fulcrum platform via the API. All the code is open source and available on GitHub. It’s built on the Bootstrap framework and is entirely client-side and hosted on GitHub Pages.

Check it out and see how you can authenticate with the users API, fetch account information, and fetch, update, and create classification sets.