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Computing Cost in your Apps with Calculation Fields

August 26, 2015

Since we released calculation fields in Fulcrum a few months back, our users are building them for all sorts of interesting uses for collection in the field. A common use for calculation fields is to build formulas for working with cost numbers—for totaling individual item costs, computing tax amounts, and using total cost results to drive additional form inputs using conditional logic.

Cost calculations in Fulcrum apps

We’ve built out a couple of guides to demonstrate how you can use calculation fields to derive costs based on other fields in your data. Our first simple example guide shows how to use the SUM function to add up individual numeric fields using addition expressions. This example also shows how to add a sales tax percentage into the final total:

Our second example guide walks through a more advanced scenario involving repeatable sections for adding many “items sold” on a single record. Using the REPEATABLESUM function, the expression used here can total up the amount for each item added in the repeatable section.

If you’re using calculations in your apps, also check out our post with tips and tricks for using calculation fields.