Connect Fulcrum to other Services with Zapier
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Connect Fulcrum to other Services with Zapier

A few weeks back we announced that we built integration tools on top of Zapier, to enable Fulcrum to be wired up with over 100 web services. This week the integration is now public for all Zapier users. Using Zapier, when you collect data in the field using Fulcrum, that data can trigger events to perform actions like sending emails, SMS alerts, and tons more.

Watch this quick video to see Zapier in action, and how you can connect your Fulcrum activity to other systems:

Here are a few examples of the kinds of things you can do when using Fulcrum and Zapier together:

The list of potential integrations is enormous. This opens up tons of new possibilities for integrating your data collection and field service process with other tools your organization likely already uses, without having to build custom integrations or write any code.

If you want to give it a shot yourself, create your own Zapier account here, then check out our quick overview guide to see how to get started. You need a Fulcrum Small plan or larger to create zaps (our kick it with our FREE trial). Once you’re in, we think you’ll find dozens of ways to get more out of using Fulcrum by having the ability to wire it together with other services.

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Coleman is VP of Product at Spatial Networks, working every day with our customers and our design team to bring better data management capabilities to users.

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