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Fulcrum at the Esri Federal GIS Conference

March 18, 2012

Later this week we’ll be at the Esri Federal GIS Conference showcasing Fulcrum, along with some other Spatial Networks capabilities and data to a host of federal agency representatives, NGOs, GIS professionals, and others.

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The federal marketplace is replete with organizations that have a need for mobile data collection tools. With smartphones ubiquitous, cheap, and in most cases built with more advanced hardware and software than many high-end specialized electronics, easy-to-use apps are becoming incredibly attractive even to large organizations looking for a simplified solution to a long-standing problem. Fulcrum is our response to the question: “Can the process of collecting data in the field be simplified down to the bare essentials for field workers and collection teams?”

We’ve built a tool with the intent to solve the problem of data collection, not to put a total “mobile GIS package” in the hands of field collectors – because we believe the latter is in most cases overkill. Fulcrum let’s the management staff design advanced field data collection forms with our hosted web portal and deploy them to dozens of devices in the field for simple, fast, yet powerful data collection capabilities. We want to solve the problem of collection (even collecting offline); getting the data from the field and into your office to be combined, stored, and analyzed along with your other data sources, brought into your own toolsets such as ArcMap, ArcGIS Server, or a host of other data storage and analytics platforms.

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Drop by booth #220 at the conference on Wednesday and Thursday (22nd and 23rd) to check out what we’ve got going on with Fulcrum to see what modern mobile data collection looks like in action – and follow @fulcrumapp on Twitter for updates throughout the week.