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Expanding the App Gallery

April 17, 2015

Recently, we’ve been expanding and redesigning our App Gallery search functionality, making it much easier to locate relevant apps for specific industries. In order to make new users aware of how Fulcrum could be used, we populate the Fulcrum App Gallery with sample apps. By doing this, we have found that almost all new users start with one or a few of these apps to get started, and on occasion, some improve them for their own use. The use cases of Fulcrum continue to surprise and delight us.

Share Your Apps

We enjoy highlighting customer built apps in our App Gallery. We just love building web and mobile software, and we are not industry specific experts, so if you have a Fulcrum app that you built for your organization which could help others, let us know and we will highlight your app. Just email us at support@fulcrumapp.com if you are interested.

App Gallery Process

A lot of time is spent building these apps, so I thought I would guide our readers through our development process:

The first step is to find a form, survey, checklist or app being used in any industry. In this case, I’ve found an ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities from the ADA National Network.

The second step takes place in the Fulcrum app builder converting my downloaded checklist into a Fulcrum app.

Fulcrum App Builder

The third step is to capture my newly created app into a walk through video of the app. This takes about five minutes to create and upload to YouTube. This provides new users with a sneak peek of Fulcrum.

The final step is to load everything into the App Gallery so it can be indexed and discovered and used by new users. Here is the completed ADA Checklist App in the app gallery.

Fulcrum App Builder