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Featured Apps: Traffic, Erosion Control, and Safety Audits

March 7, 2014

One of the best places to go for exploring the data collection possibilities of Fulcrum is our App Gallery, which includes many pre-built app templates for different types of field surveys, across dozens of industry sectors. Today I’ll be discussing three of our latest featured additions to the gallery catalog to demonstrate the flexibility of Fulcrum to meet a wide variety of requirements: traffic sign inventory, erosion control monitoring, and construction safety.

Traffic Sign Inventory

Traffic Sign Inventory

Transportation departments at many levels of government are responsible for maintaining signing and marking for roadways, and many have been conducting routine traffic sign inspections for years. Regulations require that signs meet different specifications on placement, configuration, height, distances from intersections, and condition, depending on the sign type. Fulcrum’s Traffic Sign Inventory app is a great basic tool for these types of inspections. It has fields to capture placement, condition/damage, asset tag ID, and even a MUTCD code to identify the sign type. I personally worked on several sign inventory projects during my time in the civil engineering GIS space for the Florida Department of Transportation, using pen, paper, and GPS. Fulcrum’s automation of this workflow could save hundreds of hours of data processing and rework by combining many aspects into a single, easy-to-use mobile app.

Erosion Control Reports

Erosion control structures are used heavily during construction projects to ensure proper mitigation of washout of eroded materials. Silt fences and storm drain filters are common sights on properties under construction, and these features need to be inspected to make sure EPA requirements and regulations are met, otherwise unwanted runoff could infiltrate streams and water bodies. The Erosion Control Report app has form fields to inspect the condition of control structures, take photos of any inconsistencies, and to report back on suggested changes that can be reported to site managers so they can rectify any problems.

Construction monitoring with Fulcrum

Construction Safety Auditing

Safety is a major issue on construction sites, and there are certified inspectors responsible for making sure that project activities are meeting OSHA regulations, and that construction workers are kept safe with proper practices. The Construction Safety Audit app includes fields to report on any unsafe working conditions like improper use or storage of equipment, lighting and sanitation issues, or other hazards present at the job site. This app even makes use of the Fulcrum’s parent-child & repeatable records functionality to allow inspectors to capture and document any number of issues on-site, with unique location tags for each deficiency observed. Reporting these audits back to construction project managers quickly produces a huge time savings, and keeps the staff safe to boot.

Browse our other app templates in the Gallery, organized by industry sector. If you’ve signed up for a Fulcrum trial or paid plan, you can add these right to your account from the gallery listing page. These are just a handful of options that are ready-made for you to take and use as-is, or fork and modify to meet your specific needs. If you have other ideas about standard forms, surveys, or inspection reports that could be beneficial additions to our gallery, or if you’ve built your own Fulcrum app you’d like to share with the community, send us an email & let us know.

Photo credits: ooyyoau, alexprevot