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Fulcrum 1.2 for iPhone

March 23, 2012

Our latest version of Fulcrum for iPhone has just gone live on the App Store, and it’s bringing some great new functionality to the product. We’ve been making big strides to get Fulcrum to the place where it’ll be a fantastic data collection platform for teams working on gathering customized data out in the field.

The biggest new feature in 1.2 is the ability to download data from your Fulcrum account in the cloud to take with you into the field, for both adding to or updating and editing existing data. You can now go into one of your projects, select a bounding box on a map view, and download the data from that region down to your iPhone. Then you can make edits, add photos, or even add new records to that existing data and sync your changes back up to the cloud. This is just the beginning of what will be launched in the coming weeks to allow Pro account holders to have multiple users — and record downloading will allow Pro users to share and sync data from the same projects. When your team members create data, you’ll be able to pull and sync data simultaneously, over-the-air.

We’ve also made some substantial improvements to the UI, making it simpler to navigate the different settings and more quickly add and edit records and sync your data. The map settings are also just one tap away now on their own tab, so with a couple taps you can switch to your custom base maps that you’ve uploaded to your Fulcrum account. Another convenient new option is the Nearby tab, allowing you to pull up a quick list of records and their proximity to your current location. When you’re working with datasets with closely clustered data points, the Nearby view can give you a more accessible route to finding the record you’re trying to update.

Download the latest version of Fulcrum from the App Store, and sign up for one of our new Individual user plans to get access to a couple of cool new features — including the ability to see a live data feed in KML format and export your collected photos along with CSV or KML raw data. Keep up with the latest Fulcrum news by following us on Twitter. Pro accounts for teams are coming soon, along with our Android version (and developer API)!