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Fulcrum 1.4 Update for iOS

August 8, 2012

Fulcrum 1.4 for iOS is now live on the App Store, and it includes some nice updates to make it even more powerful for field data collection applications.

There are quite a few performance enhancements overall, making the map view much faster when rendering lots of data in a single view, and stability improvements to the editing view. In the example screenshot, you can see property parcel points that I’ve imported into Fulcrum to take into the field. We’ve also added some visual enhancements making the app look even better on devices with Retina displays.

Fulcrum editing parcel data attributes

Another great new feature we’ve added is the ability to search through classification sets. Fulcrum allows you to create these hierarchical sets of options called “classification sets” that can potentially have dozens or hundreds of choices for the user to select from. Search provides another way to rapidly find the option you’re looking for.

If your form fields include descriptions to help field users understand what to capture for each field, you can now tap a small “?” button in the corner of the field to show the full field description that you’ve created on the web. This allows you to insert long descriptions that instruct your field teams how to fill out certain fields, if necessary.

Another few quick things that have been added:

  • Upload & download speed improvements
  • Ability to add basemaps to your devices through iTunes Document Sharing (which we’ll be posting about later this week)
  • Simplification to the way that projects are used to organize data from the field

In other news (in case you missed it), our Android app launched last week, so if you’re an Android user grab the app from the Google Play store to try that out, too. It’s fantastic on mini tablets like the Galaxy Tab or the new Nexus 7.

So head over to the App Store and install the latest Fulcrum update, and let us know what you think of the latest changes.