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Eyes in the sky, boots on the ground: Fulcrum and Sitemark partner for commercial solar installation and maintenance

June 7, 2021

AI-powered aerial data platform Sitemark now uses Fulcrum to make it easier and more effective than ever for companies to collect field data, clearly visualize solar installation site anomalies, and take action to fix them – all on a mobile device.

About Sitemark

Sitemark, a highly esteemed aerial data platform for solar, construction, and mining site operators, provides global clients with a comprehensive digital perspective of their business activities. By utilizing drone-captured aerial data, it ensures operational clarity with just a button click. Transitioning forward, the introduction of a new Field App marks another step in the company’s evolution. This app collects information from field workers, aiming to minimize risks associated with commercial solar project installations and maintenance.

Screenshot of digital apps used by Sitemark to perform solar installations

‍The bottom line is, well, the bottom line.  More comprehensive views of critical business sites saves both time and money.

Sitemark client and Girasol Renewable Energy founder, Yoni Ben Mazi, said, “The Sitemark field app puts all your plant data in the palm of your hand. It completes the Sitemark platform and has made this solution even more accurate and effective. The app’s primary benefit is that it has simplified work for our field technicians, enabling them to quickly navigate to defective modules and to prioritize their treatment. This truly is the practical and powerful solution we were looking for.”

This is a fantastic, mutually beneficial partnership, and we’re proud to work with Sitemark now and on future expansion efforts.

Please read Sitemark’s press release for more details. And if you’re interested in the advantages that come from working with the best digital platform for field workers, we encourage you to reach out or start a trial.