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Fulcrum App Earns FirstNet Listed Designation

September 16, 2019

We received some exciting news here at Spatial Networks headquarters recently:

Fulcrum is now FirstNet Listed and available via the FirstNet App Catalog!

FirstNet is America’s public safety communications platform and features the first-ever App Catalog geared to first responders. This gives FirstNet subscribers a place dedicated to meaningful new solutions that have been specifically reviewed for use with FirstNet services.

Fulcrum for first responders

Before any mobile solution can be added to the FirstNet App Catalog, it must pass stringent tests for security, relevancy, data privacy and more. Achieving a FirstNet Listed designation means Fulcrum is a vetted and trusted solution for public safety, meeting FirstNet app requirements.

Fulcrum enables first responders and volunteer disaster-response organizations to capture information from the field and share it between geographically dispersed team members in real time or near-real time, improving coordination and communication in the critical moments when every second counts.

Read the official announcement here!

Fulcrum is a data collection platform that enables organizations to reduce costs, access critical data in real time, and improve decision making at every level. With Fulcrum, you can create custom apps using our simple drag-and-drop builder to turn your paper documents into digital forms that your field teams can quickly complete on mobile devices. Our software is available at no cost to humanitarian and volunteer disaster-relief organizations via Fulcrum Community.