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Fulcrum is G2 Summer 2023 Leader in Mobile Forms Automation

July 31, 2023

Every quarter when the G2 reports come in, we admit we have the teensiest bit of butterflies fluttering in our figurative stomach.  Is the Fulcrum data collection and mobile forms automation tool continuing to make a difference in users’ inspection processes? And, Have the improvements we’ve been making paid off for our customers? And even, Do the customers still like us? 

So when, with breath held, we dared to peek at our G2 Summer 2023 email, we couldn’t help but smile. 

Leader in Mobile Forms Automation

Leader in Enterprise

Leader in Mid-Market

Leader in Small Business

Easiest Setup and Highest User Adoption for Small Business

and Leader in Inspection Management Software

And, because we just can’t get enough of hearing about ourselves, let’s look at some reviews that highlight the benefits of the Fulcrum mobile forms automation platform:

  1. Productivity
  • This app is very helpful for getting my work done in a fast and efficient manner
  • As a Utility Locator, it helps me get my work done easily day by day.
  • Saves us lots of time.
  1. Access to information
  • All the information from contractor to scope of work to due date. Everything you need to know is right there.
  • Locating files can be easy and friendly.
  1. Ease of Use 
  • The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • It has been a great, user-friendly system.
  • What I like best is how user-friendly the program is. It’s so easy to appreciate how well everything is put together to find what you need and get the job done.
  1. Customization
  • Lots of flexibility in form creation and data linking
  • Flexibility to create field inspection/data capture forms for our differing jobs. It is easy to tweak to suit our needs.
  • I like the editing features and how you can contour it to the user.
  • Very easy to customize and deploy
  1. Invested in user success 
  • Amazing customer service, they frequently check in and guide me to the right answer.
  • The help, assistance, and tutorials from the Fulcrum staff make it quick and easy to get up to speed on getting the most from the app.
  • Customer support is always quick to respond and provide useful tips.
  • We have a dedicated app designer and account manager – fantastic!
  1. GIS functionality
  •  Easy to set up, use, upload, download, and create GIS maps and analyses
  • It now comes with ESRI integration which is very helpful.

Oh stop, we’re blushing!

Fulcrum is G2 Summer 2023 Leader in Mobile Forms Automation G2 Leader Awards

Recent functionality enhancements

Far from resting on our laurels, the Fulcrum team has been working overtime to add improvements to its mobile forms automation software that will change how you do data collection. We’ve talked to our clients, and listened to what they had to say, and used their feedback to spur innovation and guide our upgrade strategy.  

By far the biggest change has been the further integration of Esri with the Fulcrum mobile forms automation software, expanding on the definitive Commercial Provider agreement launched in November. A recent upgrade is the enhanced location intelligence where users can use a single app on their mobile to do all field team process management, geographic content, and data collection tasks and consume Esri-native lines and polygons. Then there’s the new two-way communication of maps and geodatabase information that can be done in a fraction of the time of earlier methods – we’re talking the difference between minutes and days, even weeks! 

And don’t forget, this is net new functionality on top of what was already a powerful mobile forms automation platform!

Great things to come 

We’ve got more big updates and exciting innovations up our (once again) figurative sleeves – updates that will knock your socks off, and make you wonder how you ever made do without them.  As they say, we’re just getting started! 

So, to all our customers – and especially to those who took the time to leave reviews – thank you for another great quarter. See you again in Q3!

Still kicking the tires on an inspection management software platform and want to see what all the fuss is about? Sign up today to talk to one of Fulcrum’s experts to get you started on your own digital data collection journey – you’ll only regret not doing it sooner!