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Fulcrum Map Embeds

October 14, 2014

Using Data Shares for Map Embeds in Fulcrum

Data Shares make it easy to publicly share data collected in your Fulcrum apps in formats like CSV, KML and GeoJSON. We just launched a new feature that makes sharing your data even easier – Map Embeds.

Fulcrum Map Embeds allow you to easily create an embeddable map complete with a custom title, popup content, and map extent.

Access the Map Embed builder from the “Data Share” section on your app’s dashboard. From there you can change (or remove) your title and pick which fields to show in the marker popup. Your marker color will even match the corresponding status color for your record if you’re utilizing status fields.

When you’re done customizing your map just copy the markup found below the map and paste it in a website, blog post, or internal web application – anywhere you can paste an iframe.


  • For large or dense data sets check “Marker clustering?” and your map will load faster and look less cluttered.
  • Check “Current map extent” to start the map at a specific position. The map will zoom to the extent of all your records by default.
  • Adjust the size of your embedded map by changing the width and height parameters in the iframe markup. The map defaults to 100% width and 480px height.


If you have a feature you’d like to see added to Map Embeds let us know.

Update 2023:

Exciting news! Fulcrum has recently signed a definitive Commercial Provider agreement with Esri™ to leverage their technology stack. What does this mean? Let’s dive in.

As you already know, Fulcrum is the leading solution for field inspections and data collection, particularly when location capabilities are critical. Esri, on the other hand, is the top platform for geographic information systems (GIS), with clients in almost every industry that requires location-related data, mapping, and analysis.

These two systems are like two peas in a pod, chocolate and peanut butter, or, in our case, field inspection management and geospatial analysis. Although both are fantastic independently, combining them will make even greater things possible.

To realize this potential, we have entered into a definitive agreement with Esri to integrate Fulcrum with their flagship ArcGIS™ product line using its runtime software development kit (SDK). This will provide a more robust mapping experience across the Fulcrum platform and strengthen the data exchange capability with Esri products.

Our first delivery on the Esri SDK for mobile, expected in early 2023, will enable customer-defined labeling on pins, as well as clustering of pins, to make working with large datasets easier – especially on mobile devices. When you have dozens of field inspections to complete in a single day, using Fulcrum to increase productivity and data accuracy is fantastic. But being able to see the data right away on your mobile device without having to drill down? That’s even better. It saves time on each inspection, and these time savings add up across numerous inspections, making the difference between a successful day and missing your quota.

If  you’re interested in seeing a demonstration of Fulcrum’s integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Online, our Fulcrum product team has a created an on-demand webinar that previews some of the integration features that will soon be available.